Procedures For Woman

Procedures For Woman

Our Motive
Hair is an important part of our looks & the way we project ourselves to the world. Hair is precious and even more so to someone who loses it suddenly due to medical reasons. For cancer patients, hair loss is the most stressful & traumatic side effect of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. This effect on their appearance can be a further setback to patients who are already enduring physical and emotional hardship. The patients lose their identity, lack self-esteem and have lowered morale. Donating hair for cancer patients is both easy and rewarding and anyone can do so. Our hair that takes so long to grow can be made into a beautiful wig for someone who really needs it to maintain a positive body image after her hair is shed due to chemotherapy. It acts as a psychological therapy for the patients and not only will it give them the feeling of self confidence, a return of self esteem but also make them feel just like everyone else.

What is a Wig
Wig or hair prosthesis is a nonsurgical hair replacement solution specifically designed for those suffering from hair loss. Wigs made from natural hair are custom made to fit the client’s head and are sturdy and durable. The inside of the cap is made with comfortable soft material for sensitive scalp. Special non-slip material is used in sections of the caps to prevent the wig from shifting and sliding on the head. In addition, there are hook adjustments at the nape of the neck. The hair is hand tied onto a scalp like base material which is breathable, comfortable and can be washed and styled as one desires, giving one a totally natural appearance. This is the advantage of wig made out of natural hair as compared to synthetic material.

Wigs type that suits you
Monofilamentwigs for cancer patients are an especially good choice for those with severe or total hair loss because monofilament wig caps are soft and hypoallergenic. Standard wig caps are made from cloth and may be itchy or irritating to those with sensitive scalps. On the other hand, the nylon mesh caps of monofilament wigs for cancer patients are the premiere choice for comfort while allowing for versatile hair styling.

Wigs with ultra lightweight caps are another option in design choices of wigs for cancer patients. These caps make wigs for cancer patients cool, lightweight and secure, and are especially comfortable during the heat and humidity of summer.

If you have an extremely sensitive scalp, we recommends a special cap that is worn between your head and any of our wigs for cancer patients. The cap allows you the freedom to use just about any hairpiece as wigs for cancer patients. Nylon and cotton wig caps are available and there are some special caps designed with gel to provide exceptional comfort.

Our Product Range
• Custom made wigs ( Made to measure wigs )
• Wigs for hair loss due to chemotherapy, radiation,
• Wigs for alopecia areata, thyroid & other medical conditions
• Wigs for Cancer Patients (Cranial prosthesis)
• Wigs for Men (Gents Wigs) for Male pattern baldness
• Costume wigs
• Hair replacement systems for men & women
• Hair Weaving
• Hair Patches
• Virgin RemiHuman Hair
• Hand Made Wefts
• Clip on Hair Extensions / Clip on fringe (Bangs)
• Hair Extensions with Keratin Tip
• Moustaches ( Mustaches) / Beards
• Eye brows & eyelashes
• Hair Attachments / Pony tails / Hair Buns
• Hair Accessories / Hair Supplement
• Services like washing & styling, hair filling, grooming

Our Services
We service a wide range of customers which include Film, Television, Theatre & entertainment industry, hair salons, beauty parlors, barber shops, Hospital & Health Care ( Cancer,Chemotherapy/Alopecia patients ),hair replacement centers, Cosmetic Research laboratories and Private Clients or any other businesses that deal with wigs & hairpieces, or have customers who need wigs & hairpieces in India and all over the world.

Whether your need is medical, fashion, a social occasion, clothes show, a beauty contest, a magazine shoot or recreational we have the perfectsolutions for you. Our classic, contemporary and versatile hair styles will help you create a variety of stunning looks with added sophistication.Weare proud to be at the forefront of 'alternative hair’ solutions like wigs, hair extensions and hair replacement systems for women, men and children. We produce premium quality products at competitive prices with delivery on time.

Why C-Wigs
• Lowest price guarantee
• Help you choose the medical wigs that's are best for you
• Assist you in whatever way in getting their wigs for cancer patients paid for, or partially paid for, by medical insurance. We routinely provide invoices for wigs for cancer patients that are worded precisely for insurance purposes.
• Exceptional selection of quality wigs


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