Dreamers Laser (LLLT) Therapy
For Hair Growth

Low Level Laser Therapy(LLLT)
Low Level Laser Therapy is one of the most advanced hair loss treatments available that can help men and women who are suffering from hair loss achieve fuller and thicker hair. Using what’s referred to as a “soft” laser, Low Level Laser Therapy works to stabilize further hair loss in up to 90% of patients, and typically stimulates hair re-growth in approximately 50% of male and female patients.

What Is Low Level Laser Therapy ?
Low Level Laser Therapy is a non-surgical treatment that applies infrared light therapy to a person’s scalp to stimulate his or her hair growth. Unlike other cosmetic and medical lasers, Low Level Laser Therapy is referred to as a “cold” or “soft” laser because of its lack of a thermal component. Low Level Laser Therapy makes an excellent option for any patient who wishes to restore their hair volume.

Does It Hurt ?
No, since Low Level Laser Therapy is non-invasive, patients should not be able to feel any discomfort. Additionally, because Low Level Laser Therapy is a “cold” laser, there is no burning or UV radiation associated with the procedure. One of the great benefits is that patients are able to immediately return to their normal schedule and resume their regular activities.

Am I A Candidate ?
Designed for any individual suffering from hair loss, or anyone who may’ve just started noticing the first signs of hair loss, men and women alike can benefit from this new advancement in hair restoration. For our patients who have undergone a surgical hair restoration procedure, we provide two weeks of Low Level Laser Therapy treatment free of any cost. With several complementary low level therapy sessions

What Is Treatment Like ?
Each session takes about 30 minutes. Patients sit under a light-emitting device and are able to watch movies or read magazines. It’s that simple and easy !

How Does It Work ?
Low Level Laser Therapy works by delivering light energy directly to the scalp. This energy promotes cellular metabolism, and increases blood circulation and oxygen supply to the follicles. Around 70% of hairs are then stimulated from the resting phase to the growing phase.

What Are the Results ?
Developed to stabilize the progression of hair loss and promote re-growth, Low Level Laser Therapy can make hair healthier and improve its quality and volume. Hair should be fuller, softer, and more manageable.


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