Dreamers Active Hair Fibres

Hair Piece and Hair Extension : A Perfect Hair Piece Most Flexible Based on artistic & scientific concept of Form-Shape-Design.
Hair Style : Position of Part/Crown and Hair Direction

What is Non-Surgical Hair replacement ?
Non-surgical hair replacement is new way of restoring hair successfully. Unlike surgical treatment, in these methods no incision is required to be done on the scalp, but an artificial hair piece is attached to the crown region of the head that apparently covers the bald area.

What are the techniques of Non-Surgical Hair Replacement :
Non-surgical hair replacement at Dreamers is done with help of an especially designed prosthesis; these are also colloquially known as hair pieces. In all cases these prosthesis are designed intricately to closely match the existing hair of the customer.
Based on FORM-SHAPE-DESIGN concept, these hair pieces are handmade with natural human hairs, obtained from reliable sources. Once the prosthesis is developed, the hair piece is attached on the client’s scalp using especially developed cosmetic glue. This glue is a skin grade hair solution which holds the prosthesis so strong that even a hard pull cannot detach it easily.
This prosthesis can also be fixed on the scalp using other two attachment techniques which include taping and clipping. In case of clipping the designed prosthesis is clipped to existing thinning hair on the scalp; this method works well in case of women with diffused hair loss or thinning of hair. Tapes and adhesives are preferred in most non-surgical hair replacement cases as these help in providing a more natural look to closely match the existing hair.


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