Frequently Asked Questions !!

1. Why Dreamers ?
A.) Dreamers is a comprehensive solution for restoration of hair. It provides you both option surgical and non-surgical treatment to help you regain your look and lost confidence.

2. What is Hair Replacement ?
A.) Hair replacement is a cosmetic treatment which includes both surgical and non-surgical techniques of restoring hair.

3. What do you mean by surgical and Non-Surgical Hair Replacement system ?
A.) Surgical hair replacement system points to invasive methods wherein hair follicles are extracted from donor skin region and is installed at balding area or recipient region. Non-surgical hair restoration system includes setting hair pieces or prosthesis made of natural human hair.

4. Is it possible to re-grow hair on bald areas ?
A.) Yes, with advancement in medical technology, it is possible to grow hair naturally even on bald areas through efficient hair surgical techniques. (Surgical hair restoration techniques).

5. Is hair Replacement safe ?
A.) According to statistics, hair replacement has proven to be a safe way of gaining hair, especially when done at professional hair replacement centers.

6. What is hair extension and how hair extensions attached ?
A.) Hair extension is a technique of restoring hair through artificial prosthesis made of natural hair gathered from other individual. In this technique hair pieces are glued to the scalp to enhance appearance without imparting unrealistic look.

7. How does Dreamers hair replacement systems work ?
A.) Dreamers’ hair replacement is significantly based on “FORM-SHAPE-DESIGN”. This method is incorporated in both surgical and non-surgical techniques.

8. Is Non-surgical Friendly to skin ?
A.) Hair prosthesis are especially developed keeping haircharacteristics of respective customer in mind, such as hair material, color, etc. It will not only provide a highly realistic look but it is also considerably skin friendly as these hair pieces are either clipped or glued using skin grade cosmetic glue.

9. What is the result time in both surgical and non-surgical ?
A.) In case of surgical procedure it takes approximately 3 to 6 month to see desired results. For non-surgical hair replacement it takes around 7 to 10 days for prosthesis to be designed and developed and set on the customers’ hair. It takes around 2 to 3 hours for experts to set this hair on the scalp.

10. Can women get a hair replacement too ?
A.) Yes, women affected with thinning of hair, balding or diffused hair loss, can undergo non-surgical hair replacement and are provided with suitable hair piece.

11. After using hair replacement systems will I look as I was before, will my hair appear realistic ?
A.) Dreamers’ hair replacement techniques are sophisticated and can help you regain your look to the most. In surgical hair restoration your own hair follicles – from unaffected region of the body – aroused for replacement, while in non-surgical method natural human hair are obtained to design prosthesis. Thus, in both cases customers get realistic appearance.

12. Is it possible to cover complete baldness ?
A.) Yes, with advanced techniques used at Dreamers, it is possible to deal with even progressed baldness. However, in 90% of cases fully satisfactory results can be obtained through non-surgical treatments.

13. How does the hair replacement procedure work ?
A.) Dreamers executives work closely with you and evaluate your condition. Based on the result it will be suggested to whether you should go for surgical or non-surgical procedure. Surgical technique involves extraction and installation of follicles individually from donor to recipient site. Non-surgical method includes development of artificial prosthesis which closely matches your hair material. This prosthesis is fixed on the scalp using skin grade glue, clips or tapes. Further timely maintenance may be required.

14. What do I need to do for maintenance requirements of Dreamers hair system ?
A.) Dreamers’ hair restoration requires little maintenance, similar to your own hair. You should brush your hair and follow general hair care methods.

15. Can I comb my hair as earlier ?
A.) Yes, after treatment customers can comb their hair and style it according to their desire.Dreamers work through advanced method of hair replacement, this also provides you the freedom to style you hair in any direction.You can also use shampoo and styling gel.Since, the treatment is done using natural human hair, you can do anything with your new hair, including cutting, dyeing, chemical cosmetic procedures and more.

16. One can do all kind of physical activity ?
A.) One can resume to daily activity soon. Moreover, customer can perform all kinds of strenuous activities, such as gymnasium, swimming, etc.

17. Is there any effect to existing hairs in Non-Surgical ?
A.) No, non-surgical hair replacement does not affect your existing hair. However, in order to set your new hair well, they might need to be trimmed.

18. Combination of Surgical and non-Surgical is Possible ?
A.) It is possible to have combination of non-surgical and surgical treatment if one has sufficient healthy hair in the donor area.

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